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Blair blows a billion.

Posted by Big John on November 21, 2006

During his photo-opportunity tour of Pakistan and Afghanistan our Tone announced that amongst the £1 bn. of our money that he and Gordon will be pissing away in these two countries plus Iraq,  he will include an extra £250 million to help establish new Islamic schools known as madrassas. 

I thought that those were the places that produced the bastards that want to blow us all to pieces, including our own ‘home grown’ fanatics who spend their ‘holidays’ visiting them for pep talks on suicide bombing.

OK, I know that gullible Tone thinks that chucking our money at any problem will solve it, but if he thinks that he can pay to reform these madrassas, he is likely to hear the mad mullahs that run many of them laughing all the way to the nearest Shariah compliant Bank.  

I hope that nobody has told our excuse for a prime minister about the fundamentalist Islamic group which needs £100,000,000 to build Europe’s largest mosque in East London. It will hold at least 40,000 people and the site will cover around 70,000 square metres….

…  so plenty of room to include a madrassa or two then.


3 Responses to “Blair blows a billion.”

  1. ginnie said

    I just shake my head in disbelief. At least we rose up as a country and told our current “Royalty” what we thought of them…albeit too late. Money flows like water for all of them. (unfortunately it’s our money!)

  2. Terri said

    It’s amazing the ways they can find to spend our money.
    I’d wish you a Happy Thanksgiving but seems it all started here because of the Brits leaving your country and the Indian’s helping out. Ah well….have a Happy day anyway….lol

  3. Big John said

    Thanks for the greeting Terri and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and all my American friends. It’s a wonder some sort of ‘reverse’ Thanksgiving has not been introduced into this country in the same way that we now have ‘Trick or Treat’ etc.

    I’ve just had an idea that should please an you old royalist like you. Perhaps we can send ‘er Maj. and Co. over there and then we could be thankful to have got shot of them. 🙂

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