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Criminal compensation.

Posted by Big John on November 13, 2006

We have heard a lot recently about our jails being full, but little about solving the problem, except for John Reid’s idea to lock up less thieves and muggers and let out more villians and psychos early.  

In view of this, I would suggest that our Home Secretary pays a visit to Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona. Perhaps he might learn something (though I doubt it) from the sheriff who forced his jail inmates to wear pink underwear, eat 15-cent meals, work on chain gangs and live in uncomfortable tents. He also threw away their pornographic magazines, turned off their cable TV, and obviously doesn’t give a shit about his low-life prisoners’ ‘human rights’. Apparently Sheriff Joe’s ex-cons are not keen to return to his tender care and after their release most do not re-offend.

Can you imagine how many lawyers (led by Cherie Blair QC) would be queueing up to uphold the ‘human rights’ of all those poor incarcerated ‘victims’ if even a hint of such a regime was introduced here ?

No ! …  Well take a look at the latest misuse of our tax money, which is being handed out in large amounts as compensation to drug addict prisoners who were forced to stop taking drugs while in jail.  Of course the ‘compensation culture’ vultures lawyers are grabbing their share in the form of ‘legal aid’ payments.

What next ?  …  

……    Prison tattoos to be removed for free on the NHS ?


2 Responses to “Criminal compensation.”

  1. Maria said

    I have followed the stories of Joe Arpio for sometime with a great deal of interest. I am sure no one would want to go back there a second time.

    I do believe rehabilitation programs are important, but so is toughness and there are folks that just use rehab as an excuse. Maybe tax dollars here and in the UK would best be used with first offenders having rehab and second ones having a dose of Arizona justice.

  2. Terri said

    I’d heard about the jail in Arizona also and have to say….it sure seems to be effective. Rights? I never knew beyond food and shelter that prisoners were entitled to any rights. Serve your time and think wisely next time, I say.

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