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Bar coded Britons.

Posted by Big John on October 30, 2006

If you are one of those people who feel threatened by the proposed introduction of identity cards and are nervous about the government holding all your personal details in a not too secure data base: or even if you are one of those who is just concerned about having your wheelie bin bugged or being a ‘star’ of CCTV  …..

Be afraid ! …   Be very afaid ! …  for it may not be long before you won’t need to carry an identity card in your wallet or hide from the camera in the loo, because the state surveillance system will soon be able to know your every move due to the microchip implanted up your arse (well they are bound to make the insertion procedure as unpleasant and intrusive as possible).

No, I’m not making this up: for according to a report, drawn up by a team of respected academics, this could be on the cards (Oops! sorry) in a few years, for it appears that Britain is a world leader in the use of surveillance technology and its citizens the most spied-upon in the free world.

I undertand that these ‘chips’ have already been trialled in America, where they were implanted in 70 mentally-ill elderly people in order to track their movements, and of course similar ones have been implanted in dogs for years. They scan them just like a bar code.

I know one thing for certain, and that is that they will have to hold me down to implant one in me …  

……   even if they do give me a … ‘bonio’.   


6 Responses to “Bar coded Britons.”

  1. ferouzeh said

    well..Orwell was British: he foresaw a thing or two about his compatriots

  2. Betty said

    There are people in this country who believe this is what the Bush Administration has planned for America. Seems fantastic, doesn’t it? But, I wouldn’t put anything past the bunch in power right now.

  3. Terri said

    I would grin over this post if it wasn’t possible that it could actually happen. But with another 2 years left with Bushy and his cohorts….God only knows what’ll come next.

  4. Ginnie said

    I echo Terri and Betty…I wouldn’t put anything past this bunch that’s in the White House. I am still in shock that Bush made it a second time and pray that we come to our senses. I’m with you, John, I’d give them a heck of a struggle before I’d let them insert any sort of chip. It makes me sick to think of it!!

  5. gawilli said

    This seems awfully far fetched, but I have been reading about the computerized voting machines – who would have thought we would need to be worried that our vote would be counted. The whole thing is pretty disheartening.

  6. Pimme said

    I saw a TV show where the girls didn’t carry purses…they had their credit cards microchipped and inserted under their skin. The bartender scanned their chest to add another drink to their tabs!

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