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How many more Mr. Blair ?

Posted by Big John on October 14, 2006

Well good for General Sir Richard Dannatt for speaking the truth  about the situation in Iraq and allowing us to see just a little light at the end of the tunnel.

It certainly makes a change from George “Mission accomplished” Bush with his … “I don’t consider it a credible report” … when confronted with the numbers of civilians killed since the invasion.

The circumstances surrounding the death of one British civilian has had plenty of press coverage during the last couple of days and it will be interesting to see what action, if any, the US government takes in the case of the ‘unlawful killing’ of TV reporter Terry Lloyd by US Marines.

It is hard to make anyone accountable for their actions in the ‘heat of battle’, but Mr Lloyd appears to have been killed by an American bullet as he lay in a makeshift civilian ambulance which was being driven away from the scene of a recent firefight and posed no threat to anyone.

A Pentagon spokesman said …

We do not, nor would we ever, deliberately target a noncombatant civilian or journalist.”

A strange statement to make when footage shot shortly after the incident clearly shows US troops shooting at a civilian bus and a voice is heard shouting about …    “shooting out the tyres and the windshield“.

Mr. Lloyd’s widow described the troops involved as “trigger happy cowboys“, which would seem to be the case, for as they opened fire on the bus they did not seem to care ……

…….       who was behind that windshield ?


4 Responses to “How many more Mr. Blair ?”

  1. ginnie said

    It just gets worse and worse, John. I am ashamed of our administration and especially our “king George”. Thank you for telling it like it is.

  2. mick in the uk said

    I agree with you about the troops involved in killing Terry Loyd being cowboys, but as for the Lancet figures John…the number is interpolated upwards from a very small sample, and has been rigorously de-bunked by many people.
    Download and read the report from the Lancet website and it is blindingly obvious that the figures don’t add up.
    It is an mathematical estimate.

  3. willi said

    Well John, I have been back and forth here several times and can’t find the words that seem right. My thoughts are with the family of Terry Lloyd.

  4. Terri said

    I agree with Ginnie….I’ve never been so ashamed and disgusted with an Adm. as this one. The damage they’ve inflicted world wide will take years to repair.
    I believe nothing any of them say and the downslide of this country is beyond depressing.
    All we can do for starters is get OUT there 3 weeks from today and let our voice be heard.

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