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  • October 2006
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A not too neat and tidy trio.

Posted by Big John on October 6, 2006

Here is another family photograph from the 1920s and it is one of my all time favourites. It shows my aunt Dolly (Dorothy), my uncle Charlie and my uncle George.


This looks like a real ‘spur of the moment’ picture judging by the dirty knees, the miserable looks, Charlie’s underpants and George’s socks.

Although we now live in different parts of the country, I’m still in regular contact with Dolly and George who are now well into their eighties, but I lost touch with Charlie many years ago.

One detail in the picture is worth mentioning, and that is the iron railings in the background. These were a common feature on London streets up until World War ll when, due to a shortage of metal, many of them were removed to be ‘recycled’ into tanks, bombs and planes. However, I read recently that most of these railings had never been melted down and had been found years after the war in scrap yards all over the country: and judging by the aggressive look on young George’s face….

……   the word ‘scrap’ once again springs to mind.


7 Responses to “A not too neat and tidy trio.”

  1. I wouldn’t want to meet any of them on a dark night. Wonderful collection of photos.

  2. frisby said

    and the funny thing is they have hardly changed!

  3. Betty said

    Wonderful photo. I love shots like this, where the subjects haven’t been scrubbed and buffed. Reminds me of school pictures, where the children look the most natural.

  4. ginnie said

    John, that’s one of the funniest “family” photos I’ve ever seen. I love it. It reminds me of my favorite TV commercial. It’s for Staples (do you have them in the UK?) and shows the Dad racing around the store gathering school supplies for his kids. He is ecstatic because school is starting and he’s singing (to the Xmas tune) “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” and then the camera trains on his kids and I swear, they have expressions just like the two older children in your photo. Priceless! Thanks for sharing.

  5. gawilli said

    Great picture, and even more wonderful that you are in contact with them. I have boxes of pictures with no names, that I don’t recognize and it is such a heartache! Good for you!

  6. Big John said

    Yes Ginnie we do have Staples here. In fact a few years before I retired I worked for a company that supplied products to Staples, and part of my job was to travel all over the UK training their staff. Perhaps I’ll write a blog about it one day. I have not seen that commercial here as yet.

  7. Terri said

    Great photo…talk about capture the moment. These little tykes definitely don’t look happy…lol
    What a shame about the iron fences…they have such charm, and they’ve been banished to a scrap yard?

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