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Burgers and bullets.

Posted by Big John on September 29, 2006

I was just reading the newspaper with one eye on the TV news, when my attention was caught by a number of camera shots of an area that I had once known very well. It was Brixton in South London where I grew up.

I know that building, I thought. It used to be the Prince of Wales pub and now? …It’s a bloody ‘McDonalds’! 

The TV report was about two teenagers having just been shot while waiting to be served, “the fourth such shooting in this area in the past week” said the reporter.

Who remembers Dunblane and the resulting knee-jerk reaction legislation which saw all handguns being banned in this country? … You do …  Well obviously someone forgot to tell the bad guys, for if today’s press reports of gang fights and drug trade related shootings are to be believed then some towns and cities in the UK must be ‘awash’ with firearms. According to police statistics, firearms were used in 22,789 crimes last year and some kids now think that it is ‘cool’ to “busta cap”. 

When I lived in Brixton the copper who stood outside the old ‘Prince of Wales’ was protected by a whistle on a chain and a short wooden ‘stick’. Now outside ‘McDonalds’ he probably sits in a car wearing body armour and has something a little more deadly than a ‘piece of wood’ to call on if threatened.

What should be done to stem this tide of gun crime ?

Well, right now, I have little idea, but don’t worry, I expect that our politicians have got some ‘think-tank’ working on it ….. Will they come up with an answer ?  ….

………………     Don’t hold your breath !



6 Responses to “Burgers and bullets.”

  1. gawilli said

    Wonder what to do? We have had a rash of sniper shootings at cars for the last two months or so. They arrested one young man in the southern part of the state after he killed someone driving through an underpass. He had been deerhunting and got angry with his grandfather so he was taking pot shots at the motorists. Now there appears to be a copycat up north where we are. Where does it end? In that same vein, they are putting up metal detectors at the state house but have decided to exempt the lawmakers and judges who will be allowed to carry concealed weapons in as long as they have a permit. What next?

  2. Big John said

    I was once redirected by state troopers when driving in Up State New York, Gawilli, because some lunatic was shooting at cars just ahead of me.
    I don’t think anything will ever end America’s ‘love affair’ with the gun.

  3. ginnie said

    I worked in our Hospital’s Emergency Rm for many years and I remember the first time that we had a gun-shot victim. That was in 1980 and it was the talk of the ER and the town. By the time I retired in 2002 it had become an every day occurance…and we are a small town retirement community!!
    Will it ever end? Who knows…but I have no faith that the politicians can do it.

  4. mjd said

    I am saddened read that this kind of senseless killing (not that killing ever makes sense) is going on in the UK as well as in the US. I have always believed that some kind of gun control was a pathway to fewer gun-related murders. Now, I am less sure of the answer and do not know the solution.

  5. Terri said

    I always have to shake my head when I hear the gun lovers state, “Guns don’t kill people…people kill people.” Hmmm…tell that to the families in the Amish country of PA.
    I was very sad to hear that England is following the violent path that we have here in the US.

  6. qvyrdal said

    madonna like a virgin

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