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A home of their own.

Posted by Big John on September 15, 2006

You may recall that I mentioned in a recent post that I had found a collection of old postcards in a box in the attic. Most of them were from the 1920s and were the usual assortment of seaside views, with a few ‘naughty’ ones of comical large ladies in bathing suits.

There were also a number of birthday cards in postcard form from the same period. I imagined that birthday cards had always been the folded kind that arrived in an envelope.

One postcard seeemed to be out of place, for it is a picture of Penge High Street in South London. Not exactly the sort of place that you would choose for a vacation.

Then I remembered that my parents had lived in Penge when they hair-sign.jpgwere first married and had told me that they rented a couple of rooms above a hairdresser’s shop, and there it is, their first home, right behind the sign bearing the rather grand name of  … ‘Maison Charles’ …  Pity my dad’s name was Jack  …  I wonder if…

…  that’s him standing on the corner ?




8 Responses to “A home of their own.”

  1. ginnie said

    What fun to find that card and to realize that your folks had lived there. I’ll bet you could almost picture them coming and going.

  2. gawilli said

    What a find! There were several boxes of items from my mom and dad that I came across in the fruit cellar. Many old pictures and cards that I cannot identify, which seems lonely to me. There was a package of letters from my dad to my mom during war time, tied with a satin ribbon. Very wonderful find also. Wouldn’t that be neat if it was your dad?

  3. Don’t you just love finding things like this? I can look at something like this forever and imagine my folks living on that street and what life was like then!

  4. victoria said

    Hi Big John!

    I’m running an article on the history of Penge for Living South magazine and am strugglng to find images. Your postcard is the best image I’ve come across and I wondered if I might be able to publish it? With it being an old postcard I’m not sure where we stand with copyright, but I’d be happy to credit the image to your name.

    Drop me an email to the above email address to let me know either way if you could.


  5. Connie Ness said

    Dear Big John,

    I am writing a memoir for a British gentleman, Paul Linney, who was born in Penge and now lives in Raleigh, NC, USA. I have been trying to find a photo of Penge around the time when he was living there and found your postcard of the street where your parents lived in Penge.

    Paul was born in 1922 and was living in Penge during The Blitz. He returned to the area after his service in India.

    I wonder if you would allow me to use this photo in my book. I would very much appreciate it. (I see you’ve had another request for the image.)

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Connie Ness

  6. Big John said

    Hello Connie

    I have no objection to you using the photo in your book, and as it was published in a local London magazine in 2008 without any copyright problems I don’t think that you need to be concerned on that issue.
    My parents lived there from 1927, but where living in Brixton (with me) during the ‘Blitz’.

    Regards … John

  7. Connie Ness said

    Dear John,

    Thank you so much! I downloaded the photo off your website and I think the resolution will be good enough for the book, but if you have a jpg file at a higher resolution and can email that to me, it would be great. If not, I’ll go with what I got off your blog.

    Thank you again!

  8. Big John said

    Sorry Connie, but I recently bought a new computer and I guess that picture got ‘lost’ in the data transfer.

    Regards … John

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