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Unwelcome Lessons.

Posted by Big John on September 3, 2006

During the past few days a couple of news stories have caught my attention. Both are concerned with the ‘powers that be’ intruding into our private lives.  

One is what appears to be ‘President’ Tony’s latest barmy idea of targeting potential yobs before they are even born and the other is about the ‘bugging’ of our wheelie bins.

The first story deals with the proposed cracking down on dysfunctional families, in the unlikely hope that their future offsping will become decent members of our society. In other words, people will be employed to spy on pregnant teenagers, a computer identification system will be set up which will keep a record of problem families, and the ‘nanny state’ hit squad will be sent in to …   educate them.

The second story concerns the tiny electronic devices being fitted to our rubbish bins so that local councils can determine from information provided by a computer, just what we throw away. Despite headlines like ‘Bin Brother’ I found this story amusing, until I read another report that some councils are to employ ‘bin police’ to visit families who dispose of too much or the wrong sort of garbage…and….Yes, you got it…..

………      ‘educate’ them ! 


5 Responses to “Unwelcome Lessons.”

  1. Terri said

    Whoa! I’d say Tony Boy has been spending WAY too much time in the company of ole Bushy!
    I’m just shaking my head at the insanity of it all……

  2. Longrider said

    It’s frightening, isn’t it? What next? Eugenics? 1984 was supposed to be a warning, not an instruction manual.

  3. jo said

    I find this whole thing frightening ) is that spelt right?) anyway, every one I know wants T.Blair out, but he thinks he can ignore what the public want and just do as he likes – as I said frightening. Jo.

  4. I’m with Terri…

  5. Libertine said

    Damn, how quickly people forget Hitler and Naziism

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