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Serious Stuff !

Posted by Big John on August 21, 2006

We have recently had massive chaos at airports which has led to our Asian Muslim cousins protesting that they will be ‘profiled’.

There have been several cases of Muslim men being wrongly arrested and only the other day two young Asians where ‘thrown off’ a plane because other passengers did not trust them.

Now another group of young Asians have hit the headlines proving that they cannot be trusted, for they have commited one of the most heinous crimes anyone could commit in this country….for …Shock ! …Horror !…Bloody Hell Chaps !

……..They tampered with a cricket ball !


3 Responses to “Serious Stuff !”

  1. ginnie said

    Hi Big John: Isn’t this an amazing world that we live in? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry half the time. Oh, and I certainly hope that you are a better hubby than your old grandad. I remember those day when the man was “king” and we waited on them hand and foot. The young women of today have no appreciation of what it was like to live then. Thank the lord for Women’s Lib!

  2. Feruz said

    Like your new livery:-)

  3. Pimme said

    At least we can still take contact lens solution on the bus! ;^)

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